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The Look Optics

A bespoke optical eyewear retailer located in Salisbury, MD. Curated by Duran Whaley a Berlin, MD native with more than 15 years in the optical industry also known for his creative mind in the fashion merchandising and marketing world.

Starting his career as a dispensing optician in the area, Duran was able to pay close attention to the consumer’s needs. Noticing an outcry for luxury eyewear in the market, he decided to create a remedy. Offering the latest HD digital, corrective lens technology, paired with the most sought after and exclusive frame brands from around the globe, both mainstream and independent. The Look Optics epitomizes quality and exclusivity through a vision of excellence and distinction while keeping a fair price point. As a client, you will be encouraged to express your own individuality and creativity.

Bring your personality… We’ve Got “The Look!”

Contact Details for This Business

100 E Main St, Salisbury, MD 21801