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About Downtown Salisbury’s e-Giftcard Program

Downtown Salisbury Shop Local eGift Card: 

Uniting Companies, Consumers & Local Merchants to Grow Business in Our Community

As a business in Downtown Salisbury, you are invited to participate in our Community eGift Card program.

Community eGift Cards are a simple way for people and companies to “give back” and drive more business into our local stores. Custom-branded for us, they are digital gift cards that can be used at any participating merchants: restaurants, salons and spas, boutiques, sports and entertainment, hotels, etc. They are a quick and easy way to keep spending local, strengthening our local businesses and building our community.

There is no special technology or administration required to participate, as long as you accept Mastercard and can key in the transaction like a phone order. There is no fee to participate.

Who Buys Community Cards?

People buy them online and give them as gifts, thank yous, or just because. They can be purchased from various websites and you can sell them from your website and Facebook pages as well.

Local companies use them for employee rewards, customer appreciation, marketing and other programs. Realtors use them to thank their customers. Consumers buy them for gifts. Join now to get your fair share of this new business!

How to sign up

1)Sign up with our office or by visiting the e-Giftcard portal on Downtown’s website and click “Apply to Join”
2)Run the “Activation Card” as a digital Mastercard on your PoS to join. Put the Community eGift Card link on your website to sell more.
3)People will come in your business with a Community eGift Card on their phone (or printed). Click on the “View Gift Voucher” bar and process it as a key-entry Mastercard credit card.
4)Mastercard will authorize the purchase and you are paid as usual by your Mastercard bank.

Community eGift Card FAQs

Q: Am I eligible to participate?

A: Businesses that within an 0.5 mile radius of the Downtown Salisbury Visitor Center (110 N Division Street) are eligible to participate in the Downtown Salisbury e-giftcard program

Q:  Is there a deadline to participate?

A:  There is no deadline to apply, applications are accepted on a rolling basis

Q: How to I sign up?

A: E-mail us at that you want to participate and they will add you to the Card and send you an Activation Card, which is a 10 cent prepaid Mastercard. Running the Activation Card is your authorization to opt-in to the program which means you agree to the Yiftee Merchant Agreement here:

Q:  What if I can’t process the Activation Card, which is a $0.10 credit card transaction?

A:  No problem. Process the Activation Card for your minimum amount. It will be declined but Yiftee will get the information they need to add you to the program. 

Q:  What if I can’t key in a Mastercard?

A:  This is very unusual. We can introduce you to a processor who will allow you to do this. 

Q:  What if the purchase is for more than the Community eGift Card value?

A:  Run the Community eGift Card for the remaining balance on the card, and ask the customer for a different form of payment to cover the rest of the transaction. 

Q:  What do I do if the eGift Card is ‘declined’?

A:  The transaction is declined if you try to redeem more than the value of the card, or if any of the redemption information is mis-typed.  Start the transaction over with the correct value and info. 

Q:  Is tipping allowed on the Community eGift Card?

A:  No, unless you pre-authorize the amount with the tip included, since this is a prepaid card.

Q:  Does the eGift Card function as a ‘pre-paid’ credit card regarding automatic tipping hold-backs?

A:  No. It can be redeemed for the full value. But there is no tipping allowed on the Community Card.

Q:  Since the eGift Card is like a Mastercard, can it be redeemed anywhere?

A:  No.  They can only be redeemed at participating locations who have run their Activation Card.

Q:  Is there a fee to purchase the eGift Card?

A:  The gift sender pays $1.00 plus 5% of the gift value. The gift recipient gets 100% of the gift value.  The store is paid the full value of the card, less their normal card-not-present (CNP) Mastercard fee.

Q:  Can the eGift Card be used more than once?

A:  Yes. They are multi-use and the current balance and expiration date are always reflected on the digital voucher.  Recipients receive monthly reminders to redeem. You can check balance on or

Q:  Can I apply a refund to the eGift Card?

A:  Yes. Refunds can be applied to a valid (unexpired) card just as you would to a credit card.

Q:  Can I cancel my participation?

A:  Yes. Anytime, by notifying your organizer. You will be removed from the marketing materials online and can no longer process the cards.