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Pottery is something that I found to help to cope with my PTSD, stress and anxiety after serving in the Army. Clay has this wonderful thing about it. If you mess it up, you can easily start over. It helps to reconnect your brain to your hands. You just focus on you and the piece in front of you.
In the 70’s Ceramics were huge. My Grandparents Richard & Penny owned their very own ceramic studio here in Downtown Salisbury. ( across from Avery Insurance what now is a parking lot) I wasn’t aware until I called my father to tell him my idea about opening a pottery studio. He informed me about them owning the D&P Mudhut. I miss heard him and thought he said Mudhud. Hence the name of my establishment. To find that ceramics were in my blood gave me the push to go for it.
When I started working with clay it really captivated me. I loved sculpting and taking something from inside my head and creating it in front of me. My hands worked better at bringing out the images in my head with clay then drawing with a pencil. I like to learn new things. So, I began finding videos of wheel-throwing. However, trying to find a place that did the training was hard to come by without going to college and taking courses. So I set out to teach myself through watching other people on the internet and social media. I talked to local PYOP Small Businesses and got advice. I bought a kiln and a wheel off FB market place and I went for it. I thought to myself if I can teach myself this I can teach other people. So for months I would sit at the wheel 8 to 12 hrs. Spend nights sleepless just trying to research and practice. I watched their hands and how they moved them. It was so captivating. Through hard work, practice, and determination I created this. Making something gives humans that feeling of euphoria. That no matter how bad things are you did that! You made that all by yourself!!
I am proud to present my company to the Delmarva Area. RowdyGal Mudhud. We hope to bring joy and smiles to your faces not only with our functional pieces you can use in your home. Also by inspiring creativity and help you grow as a individual.
RowdyGal Mudhud is Serviced Disabled Army Medic Veteran Small Business

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102 N. Division St. Salisbury, MD 21801