Olde Towne Deli Café and Coffeehouse

We’ve always had a love for food and serving others.  14 years ago we found ourselves in the kitchen together alot. Many nights the norm for us was feeding kids in droves, especially through our kids teenage years. There were always new friends at the table that they brought home for dinner. Thanksgiving dinner for up to 42 in our home at times led us to Saturday nights making 5 gallons of soup and over 200 sandwiches on Sundays, through the support of our church, to serve the homeless and needy on the streets in Salisbury. This then led us to serving and preparing, with our great friends, a full hot meal twice a year for 150 precious people who just needed a hot meal and love.  Now the Lord has led us to this wonderful place we can call our home.  Olde Towne Deli @ 120 N Division St., Salisbury, MDWe have been given this wonderful opportunity to serve so many more in our city.  A love and a great blessing. We look forward to caring for this precious gift that the Lord has provided and look forward to serving our community.

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120 N Division St
Email: contact@oldetownedeli.com