Spring 2018 Street Closures

As the warm weather rolls in, the City is enthusiastic about some of the exciting events returning and making their first appearance in Downtown Salisbury. These events will bring new foot traffic and potential customers right to the steps of Downtown Salisbury and your business. For some, this will be the first time they’ve ventured Downtown in a while and we are excited to put our best foot forward as a community and show them what Downtown has to offer.

Nonetheless, we want to adequately inform you about impending street closures that may impact you. The Office of Business Development has worked to compile a list of the Downtown events occurring in March and April 2018 and have included street closure maps and times for each.


  • 25th, Sunday – Tim Kennard 10 Mileraffected streets are Main Street, S Division at Carroll Street, Circle Ave at Carroll Street, Market Street at 13


  • 14th, Saturday – Salisbury Bike PartY – affected streets are by Lot 1 by the Downtown Library
  • 20th, Friday 3rd Friday – affected streets are N Division Street, the Plaza, and some of W Market Street at the end of the Plaza). Approximately 3 PM – 9 PM. Private Parking lots will not be blocked – so cars left parked in private parking lots will be able to be let out from 3-5pm.  After 5pm – cars will be discouraged to drive in that area. Parking Lot 15 will remain undisturbed by the new 3rd Friday footprint, and is available to employees and customers.
  • 22nd, Sunday – MS Walk – Camden Street will be closed during the event. Lot 15 will also be closed beginning on Saturday
  • 27th – 28th, Friday & Saturday – Salisbury Marathon – Mill Street, the Plaza, N Division Street. Per the race director, the Salisbury Police Department will be blocking Mill Street, from Route 50 and down to Riverside Drive, from vehicle traffic. As of right now, that will be from 7am until 4pm, at the latest on race day (the 28th). Main Street, ie The Downtown Plaza, will be closed to vehicle traffic on Friday, at some point. If possible, they will leave N. Division Street open as long as we can on Friday night. They will leave Church Street open to traffic and there will be parking available for businesses and your customers. Barricades will be all the way to Circle Ave on Division and Baptist on Main Street.


  • 5th, Saturday – Truck Pull on N Division. No Parking signs will go up the night before for May 5th. Parking on N Division will not be allowed from 8 AM – 2 PM the day of the event
  • 12th, Saturday –eRace the Stigma 5k –  (The Plaza, some of Main, W Market at the end of the Plaza). Most street closures will be from approximately 8:45 AM-10:00 AM while the race occurs, but the Plaza will be closed from approximately 8:45 AM – 2 PM during the Mental Health Expo.
  • 18th, Friday 3rd Friday (N Division Street, the Plaza, and some of W Market Street at the end of the Plaza)
  • 19th, Saturday -Book Lovin Block Party map (Library area)


  • 8th-10th, Friday through Sunday – Downtown Salisbury Festival  – with some street closures occurring as early as Tuesday the 5th. PLEASE REVIEW THIS PLAN CAREFULLY, as the location of the Festival has changed.
  • 15th, Friday –3rd Friday  (N Division Street, the Plaza, and some of W Market Street at the end of the Plaza)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact info@downtownsalisbury.org

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